Data Porter


XLOG Data porter is a web based utility with which you can transfer your large volume database files easily and efficiently to any remote location. This utility would be very useful for applications which require mirror data. High volume data bases will be converted in to portable files and compressed before transfer.


A configuration interface will allow you to define the Database which needs porting , acquiring all credentials related to connectivity the application utility will then convert the files to ANSI XML format. After conversion the XML file again will be compressed to a common compression format (.zip).

The same way the compressed file will be fetched by the mirror location host and based on user specific condition the data will get uploaded to the server.

This reduces the cost of data transfer and you dont require a database administrator to restore and back up your can have look at the interface with the sample database here

This utility is embedded in all our applications.

For a live evaluation of our product please obtain the demo login credentials by mailing us your request to